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Added value

We will find the best processes and tools for you

A customer-oriented approach and personal service are at the core of what we do. Due to our experience in the industry, we are able to advise our customers on which financial and payment administration solutions, modern tools in our software selection and the most efficient processes will suit them the best.

We will help you internationalize your business

We are an exclusive “accounting company” member of the global professional network IR Global. We have access to a large network of financial administration and legal services experts, ready to help our customers establish their business outside of Finland. We are also partnered with many international companies as part of their operations in Finland.

We will play an active role in your company and its development

Outsourcing financial and payment administration does not have to mean it will become distant and impersonal. We always have a designated contact person for each of our customers. They have a thorough knowledge of their customer’s business, staff and practices.In this way, we’ll become an active part of your company and its development. Providing top-notch customer service and constantly increasing our know-how are important to us in the changing industry. We also wish to bring these virtues to our customers.

Challenging problems solved

We will not only bring competence to you in terms of financial administration solutions, but also with our problem solving and consultation services. Whether your company is small and local or a large international operation, we will find the best solutions in line with your business goals. After all, challenging issues often require an innovative approach.

About us

International experts in financial and payment administration

WaBuCo Financial Services Oy is an accounting company founded in 1988. Our offices are located in Vallila, Helsinki. WaBuCo has been offering high-quality financial and payment administration services as well as internal reporting services for over 30 years. We have constantly developed our services to be in line with the newest digital solutions.

We use the best software tools for managing and producing financial data. We offer our customers a high-quality professional and flexible service. We are highly approachable and we respond quickly to all inquiries. We always deliver on schedule and will take good care of your business. A responsible financial administration expert makes for a reliable business partner.

We offer a wide range of services that include setting up a business, accounting, balancing accounts, invoicing, taxes and human resource services. We specialize in boosting Finnish business operations abroad and helping international businesses operate in Finland.

Our customers include over one hundred companies, both small and large, in Finland and abroad.

Our Services

Financial administration

We will take care of your monthly accounting, daily payment transactions and invoicing, as well as internal services ranging from operational accounting to reporting. On your behalf, we will also file notices required by the authorities and balance your accounts according to the relevant legislation and regulations. Working together with you, we will develop and enhance your internal processes, saving you time and money. We will also provide electronic archival of your accounts.

Payroll Administration

Payroll administration is a crucial part of any business venture, but does often involve constantly changing regulations and grounds for compensation. Applying up-to-date information can therefore be a lot of work. It can also become a challenge keeping your payroll administration on schedule and accurate. Regardless of your company’s industry or size, we will calculate your employees’ wages, make the required payments, produce reports and notify the authorities accordingly in a highly professional and prompt manner.

Follow-up on your business goals

Planning the economic activities and the future of your business lays a foundation for stable operations. Drawing up different budget plans and cash flow calculations are important factors in making a business plan.

The predictability of your company’s cash flow provides important information on how your business capital is developing and how sufficient it will be in the future. We can also assist you in the selection of KPI’s. We will provide you with online information on how your business is developing and which of your set objectives have been reached.

Consultation services

Our consultation services cover the entire life cycle of your business. This includes such as setting up a business, selecting a form of enterprise, developing your business operations, outsourcing your financial administration, corporate change, internationalization and, finally, transferring your business to new ownership. We also provide tax consultation tailored to your needs.

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