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WaBuCo Financial Services Oy is an accounting company founded in 1988. Our offices are located in Salmisaari, Helsinki. WaBuCo has been offering high-quality financial and payment administration services as well as internal reporting services for almost 30 years. We have constantly developed our services to be in line with the newest digital solutions.

We use the best software tools for managing and producing financial data. We offer our customers a high-quality professional and flexible service. We are highly approachable and we respond quickly to all inquiries. We always deliver on schedule and will take good care of your business. A responsible financial administration expert makes for a reliable business partner.

We offer a wide range of services that include setting up a business, accounting, balancing accounts, invoicing, taxes and human resource services. We specialize in boosting Finnish business operations abroad and helping international businesses operate in Finland.

Our customers include over one hundred companies, both small and large, in Finland and abroad.

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